Liberia Business Registry

LBR was established as a result of cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance and the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation. The mandates, duties and tasks of LBR and the procedures to be followed as well as the legal capacity of the decisions of the LBR are identified by the various laws assigning registration and other tasks to the registrar,

1. Where does LBR operate from?

You will find us (head-office) in the Enterprise sqare (previously known as French Cable building) in Monrovia or in 2 local offices, see Contacts.

2. Main laws implemented by the LBR

See Legal documents section.

3. What are the Services that the LBR provides for ?

Main services:

  • Businesses registration
  • Business names reservation

Additional services:

  • Online registration
  • Information services

see Online services

4. The advantages of being registered

Registration of business activities is a right not only to Liberians but also to foreigners intending to do or already doing business in Liberia. In addition the registration allows advantages like: getting right to exercise business in security, getting right to compete for procurement, getting loans from banks  and receiving protection from business laws, etc. Making traders conscious for coming to the LBR has the aim to convert the business from informal sector to formal sector, with thwarts the promotion of the private sector in particular and of our country in general.

Registration of business is very important to our country because it helps to have database of business activities necessary for economic planning, to fight against muddle, to have a picture of the capacity of country regarding income.

LBR is calling upon every Liberian who operates in business, those who wish to get loan in the banks and micro finances institutions to frequent the LBR.

We are ready to help all of you in order to build and develop our country.

5.  Our Goal

To have a World Class business registration Office.

The Registrar